Air Conditioning

At Prymus Car Repair Kingston we recommend that your car air conditioning is serviced annually, to avoid unwanted build up of bacteria and fungi which can result in the development of nasty odours, allergic reactions and ill health.

Other consequences include:
  • Poorer fuel economy as the compressor remains engaged to attain lower temperatures
  • Internal corrosion caused by air or moisture reacting with refrigerant
  • Component or system failure

Prymus Car Repair Kingston offer a range of car air conditioning services:

Free A/C Performance Test

  • System pressures and vent circulation checks
  • Level checks
  • Visual inspection

Anti-bacterial system clean

  • Treats the problem of stale smelling A/C at source
  • Prevents the problem returning for 12 months

Full A/C Service

  • Identify system contents with refrigerant analyser
  • Recover all refrigerant from the system
  • Remove and replace the filter unit
  • Check condition of the condenser unit
  • Check condition of all hoses and wiring harnesses.
  • Check compressor oil level
  • Pressure test the system with dry Nitrogen
  • Vacuum system for a minimum of 30 minutes
  • Recharge with R134A refrigerant and oil
  • Leak test all components
  • Carry out pressure and temperature test.
  • Update service records.