No More Warning Lights, LIMP Mode, Regeneration Or DPF Problems EVER AGAIN!

Are you having trouble with your Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF Filter)? We offer a full and effective DPF deletion service where we work with some of the worlds leading ECU programmers to produce software to stop the ECU looking for your DPF so the DPF can be disabled successfully without logging any error codes or warning lights.

DPF Solution Service

This is a 'drive IN - drive OUT' service and includes:
- Thorough DPF functionality diagnostic
- DPF filter flow correction
- Preparation of smoke correction maps tailored for the particular ECU software version
- Engine Management System re-programming to disable the DPF functionality
- Other ECU's adjustments using high level diagnostic equipment
- FREE ECU remapping (performance or fuel economy orientated)
- Final diagnostic session

DPF Regeneration Service

We will regenerate your DPF to help burn off the blocked particles in the diesel particulate filter. Service include:
- Full scan of your car
- Check of all your sensors (incl. lambda and EGR valve)
- Force Regeneration by our scanner to reduce soot level * * Job can only be done if excessive soot loading of the DPF is below 95% loaded. At this point regeneration is not an option and replacement/removal of the DPF is necessary.

We cannot guarantee how long the Regeneration will last, this all depends on the way the car is driven and the vehicle itself